Our Services Include:

Meats, Wedding Catering, Meat Catering, Catering Service, Event Catering, Wedding Rentals, Event Rentals, Hog Roasts, Pig Roasts, BBQ Meats, Meat Processing, Fresh Made Sausage, Smoked Meats, Jerky Meat, Barbeque Meats, Party Rentals, Tent Rentals, Chair Rentals, Table Rentals, Catering Services and much more.

Meat Processing

We process buffalo, cattle, chicken, hogs, and deer, and we help hunters with their needs.

  • Buffalo
  • Cattle
  • Chicken
  • Hogs
  • Wild Game
  • Deer

Our processing service offers a variety of options that fit your needs. We sell USDA graded:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Buffalo

All of our meat will be perfectly cut to guarantee the best texture and flavor. Ground meats are trimmed lean for good quality and less fat content. You get what you love by specifying the thickness of the steak you chose fresh from the freezer.

We also butcher and process livestock for many of our local farmers. Our years of experience allow us to provide meat cut to order. We cut, wrap, and promptly freeze meat for optimal freshness.

Our smoked meats are cured and smoked in our own smoke house. Every week, we make hams for all occasions, and bacon that no one can resist.

Jerky, Sausage, Wild Game

You won’t find better jerky or sausage anywhere else. Right here at Smith’s, we have perfected beef, Cajun, turkey, and buffalo jerky. We have our own spices and recipes that make mouth-watering bratwurst, Polish, Italian, German, and breakfast sausages.

Hunters can have wild game processed here, too. Smith’s processes wild game any way you wish. We can make jerky and sausages from your venison, elk, or wild boar.

Trophy Mount

If you bagged a trophy and want it mounted, your prize will be handled with care, and your mount will be beautiful. We can do Texas mounts for you right here, and you can pick them up when your meat is ready.

Bulk Purchasing

If you are looking to buy your meat in bulk quantities, we can put you in touch with local farmers who graze livestock that we can butcher and process for you.